About Medical Tourism
Transforming healthcare. Empowering lives.

The sole aim of Health Explora is to provide quality and cost effective healthcare to all of its patients on a global front. Our every step aims at creating a seamless experience for the patient and the accompanying abroad. With associations and partnerships with more than 200 highly recognized and internationally graded hospitals and wellness providers, Health Explora makes sure that your health is the top most priority for us.

Help healthcare seekers discover the best of the healthcare options

Introduce the healthcare seekers, from all across the globe, to the various high quality yet cost effective options for their healthcare needs. We help you; explore the various options to make an informed decision.

Assist the healthcare seekers throughout the medical procedures

Our promise stays strong, as we guide the patient and the accompanying during the entire stay. Be it a medical query along the way or managing the tickets for a quick getaway in the country, we have got it all for you.

Hassle Free Transactions

Create a hassle-free experience, that will be nothing but full of happy experiences. We will make sure that your travel will be your first step towards a happy and healthy life.

Apurva Sule
Manali Bagawade